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So I do not usually share real personal things on here (unless I feel really moody) but I just wanted to put out in the universe my bands new EP a and the happiness it has brought me. 

Check it out at: cavallia.bandcamp.com 

Anyways this was a process that took roughly 3 months to write and 7 months to records and finalize and show the world. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong. Our producer killed us slowly every part of the way and made so many mistakes. We were frustrated and sad and defeated. We fought so much somedays I did not think we would still be together when the EP came out. I prayed that things would work out and in the end they did. It took patience and we had to rebuild our bond which had weakened a bit.

And now it doesn’t feel real to be done and have a finished product that I feel confident about and happy about. This is something I have always dreamed of and I know my bandmates and I could not be more happy. We have learned from our mistakes and I feel unstoppable now. We have reached the end of what seemed like a very long path and now we are on to the next path and a brighter future.